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Serving Up Omnicommerce Solutions for Catering & Rental Merchants

As the weather begins to warm up, everyone is excited to be spending more time outside and attending cherished spring events, and the Catering and Rental Industry is happy to be of service. As of 2023, the market size of the catering and rental industry in the United States is a combined $85 billion, and will continue to grow over the coming years. With the number of marriages increasing, and the rise of celebrating everything under the sun (figuratively and literally), caterers and event rental merchants need to provide a tailored customer experience to help the client bring their dreams to reality. Building a loyal customer base for current and future milestone celebrations will be the key to your merchant’s success in this, or any industry.  

eProcessingNetwork understands the importance of building a robust and centralized database portal and offers ePNCDM as the ideal solution to serve your merchants secure, data management solutions. With ePNCDM, sensitive customer data is securely stored and easily accessible, giving vendors the opportunity to help increase and sustain customer loyalty. Card on File capabilities allow merchants to easily store and access preferred payment methods, helping facilitate repeat purchases, including Level III transactions for those large accounts. ePNCDM works in tandem with ePNRecur, our “pay-over-time” solution that allows the client to make installment payments on bigger ticket purchases. Both ePNCDM and ePNRecur integrate with ePN’s BillPay and QuickBooks® solutions, so merchants have access to full invoicing and reporting – anywhere, anytime.

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