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Integrated Payments for Nursery and Floral Merchants

According to Leo Tolstoy, “spring is a time of plans and projects.” With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, it’s the perfect time for backyard enthusiasts to visit their local nursery, garden center or floral growers to get everything needed to bring their outdoor space back to life! The Nursery, Greenhouse and Floriculture Industry continues to see the market size grow into the billions due to a renewed interest in sustainable gardening, increased use of outdoor living spaces, and DIY landscaping projects to help save money during inflationary periods. eProcessingNetwork supports the needs of merchants with omnichannel solutions that give nursery and greenhouse owners, and floral growers the integrated tools needed to manage their daily operations and allow their customer base to grow and flourish! 

ePN’s Payment Form Generator (ePNPFG) empowers merchants to swiftly generate Hosted Payment Pages for their website and social media platforms, effortlessly disseminated via text, QR code, and email. For Windows-based merchants seeking robust Point of Sale (POS) solutions, our ePNJPOS software is a complete POS system equipped with advanced inventory management and timesheet functionalities. Alternatively, our ePNSecureCard software facilitates secure transactions by allowing merchants to leverage their computer or laptop browser to connect seamlessly with ePN's Online Terminal. Both ePNJPOS and ePNSecureCard seamlessly integrate with our cutting-edge EMV-enabled, contactless devices, catering to the needs of merchants operating in both online and in-person environments.

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