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The Current Pulse of the Industry

It’s hard to believe we’re already well into the new year and that spring is just around the corner. Despite the uncertainty of the last two years, the outlook for the payments industry remains positive. With global ecommerce sales estimated to reach upwards of $5.5 trillion in 2022, 62% of main street businesses are optimistic about seeing their sales increase, especially those that rely on online sales and walk-in traffic.

Here at eProcessingNetwork we share in that optimism about what 2022 has in store for our resellers, ISVs and merchants, and we’re working hard to develop the applications and solutions that keep you flexible and competitive in your market and sustain you through the ups and downs of today’s economic realities.

Understanding the pulse of the industry, here are just a few highlights of what ePN offers, now and soon to ensure that you are poised to expand your market and reach more customers:

  • Expanded Processor Certification – we’re pleased to announce our certification with Worldpay to accept and process NFC, EMV, PIN Debit, Restaurant and eCommerce transactions on BBPOS devices through Worldpay’s processing platform.

  • Contactless Processing – ePN continues to offer best-in-class and IN-STOCK contactless devices, allowing merchants to securely transact in-store, online, or on the go.

  • ePN Cash Discount – With our Cash Discount Program, merchants can attract and retain shoppers looking to make their dollar stretch a little farther during economic uncertainties.

  • Inventory Management – with the supply chain disruptions still happening across industries, you’ll want to ensure you have a handle on the inventory on-hand, as well as what’s on-order. Using tools like ePNInventory and our QuickBooks® solutions can help merchants manage their stock levels for better sales projections and customer service.

  • ePNRecur – having a recurring solution to offer subscription and membership services to customers can help merchants compete with the BNPL trends, which will continue to see accelerated growth across all generations of shoppers.

  • EBT – coming in 2022, we’ll be expanding our network to include electronic benefits transfer transactions so merchants can expand their customer base. Both the WisePad 3S and the MP200L will be compatible for EBT PIN debit acceptance.

  • PayFacs – this year ePN is excited to offer Payment Facilitator functionality to help MSPs simplify the merchant accounting process, offering sub-merchant capabilities that allow merchants to accept payments without having to apply for their own MID account.

The industry is seeing a lot of upheaval as new FinTechs try to enter the market, but there’s one thing for sure, ePN will always be a constant in delivering secure, integrated solutions. Our goal is to help you manage the day-to-day operations more efficiently and affordably, not sell you services that overcomplicate the process. Here’s to the possibilities that the new year and new season brings!


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