New Features in the Online Terminal
  • Customize how data appears in certain fields.
  • Entire sections can be hidden or moved, such as Order Details and Customer Information.
  • The application of the Tax Amount and Discount fields can be controlled.
  • Level II and III processing has been simplified and fields can be defaulted to specific values
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Introduction to Online Terminal
  • Mail Order & Retail
  • Access from anywhere
  • Secure, Real-Time Processing
  • Inventory Sales
  • Level II & III Sales
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Step by Step Instructional Videos

Online Terminal Processing:

1. Processing a Manual sale with the Online Terminal

2. Auth Only transaction with Online Terminal

3. Convert an Authorization to a Sale

4. Process a Return

5. Voice Authorization

6. Recurring Sale

7. Swiped Sale

8. Check Sale

9. Check Recur

10. Check Return

11. Cash Sale

12. Cash Return

13. Accepting multiple payment methods in one sale

14. MagneSafe Device

15. Activate Gift Card

16. Processing sales with Master Accounts

Level 3 Processing with the Online Terminal:

17. Processing a Level 3 Sale

18. Adding Products to Inventory for Level 3 Sales


19. Cart Overview

20. Cart Settings

21. Generating ePNCart Shopping Cart Buttons

22. Page Generator

Order Form Generator:

23. Overview

24. Creating pages

Processing Control:

25. Transaction Settings

Batch Upload:

26. Uploading a Batch

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