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Covid Curve Ball

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has thrown many a curve ball at the Payments Industry. Across the nation small- to mid-sized businesses have faced the impact of the pandemic, natural disasters and the general uncertainty of what this year will bring. And yet, through it all, the industry perseveres and is ready to em

brace the “new normal” for the holiday season and into the new year.

There’s definitely a lot at stake with holiday sales. According to Mood Media, 71% of consumers feel comfortable shopping in-person and are looking for ways to support local businesses, and that number is projected to increase with the holidays. Happy news indeed, but SMBs will still need to bring their “A game” to the season to ensure that they can take advantage of the increase in shopper traffic, both in-store and online.

Consumers have adapted to the couch commerce of online shopping and curbside pickup, as well as contactless payments, and merchants need to be in step with offering a seamless purchase experience to match their expectations. That’s where eProcessing Network (ePN) can help your merchants integrate the business solutions that will streamline processes and enhance their sales performance for the holidays and coming months.

ePN continues to offer the tools that help any merchant succeed in a brick, click, or go environment.

For merchants still needing to implement a contactless environment, ePN offers integrated EMV/NFC devices and software for easy and affordable tap-n-go technology.

As the growing trend of BOPIS (buy online, pickup in store) and curbside pickup accelerates due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, ePN can help merchants integrate easy online and mobile commerce with their point of sale and inventory systems for a seamless purchase experience to the customer.

Are your customers looking for easier ways to pay over time or subscribe to your service, especially to help make their dollar stretch a little farther? ePN offers merchants an easy-to-create recurring solution that allows merchants to sell merchandise in installment payments or offer products and services to their clientele on a subscription or membership basis.

At ePN, we know getting up and running is vital to you and your merchant's business. We have a full suite of integration tools and processing features that do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to documentation and certification. Check out our proven PCI-compliant tools that allow you to expand your API’s reach while helping you achieve ROI at a quicker pace.

As always, we’re here to provide the tools and training to ensure you are armed with the information needed to successfully board the merchant. Our weekly live webinars, on-demand sales training presentations, and branded product sheets and social media ads allow you to best position yourself as a trusted partner to the merchant. Our experienced Sales Channel Development Managers can also schedule custom webinars to help you and your team build a sales strategy.

For over 20 years, eProcessing Network has adapted to the changes within the payments industry. Our ability to be agile and responsive ensures that our resellers can react just as quickly to the ever-changing needs of the merchant. The pandemic has changed the way consumers shop, but the fact is, they still will shop; ePN has the digital offering resellers need to help merchants adapt to the times and keep their “doors” open for many holidays to come.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to your Sales Channel Development Manager (SCDM)

MelanieCabello Western Region (800) 296-4810 extension 152# Emily Kernin Eastern Region (800) 296-4810 extension 151#


Steve Sotis President eProcessing Network, LLC (713) 880-0326


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