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Happy Anniversary to ePN!

Celebrating 25 years of reliable and secure transaction processing.

As the world begins to reemerge from the pandemic, we feel it’s time to honor the achievements that so many in the payments industry have made over the past 16 months, especially the ability to keep our “doors” open; celebrating the accomplishments of those who’ve not only been able to survive but thrive during the pandemic. The team at eProcessingNetwork would especially like to celebrate 25 years of offering secure, transaction processing to our resellers and their merchants. Our gift to you is the continued commitment to providing strong customer support and reliable solutions and devices to help you transact any type of payment.

COVID has changed how your merchants and their consumers are transacting, especially with the rapid adoption of digital wallets and contactless payments. ePN has been able to quickly adapt to the market’s needs by strengthening the integration of our products and the compatibility of our devices so that merchants can truly accept payments anywhere they can do business -- indoors, outdoors, and online for BOPIS. And our robust Cash Discount program is beneficial to merchants that are looking for ways to reduce transactions fees especially for consumers who still use cash as their main form of payment.

We've learned more than anything over past year that communication and education are key to understanding the difficulties you and your merchants may be facing, and what your needs are in order to stay afloat. Based on your feedback, we've launched a series of targeted webinars and educational videos to reach a multitude of verticals and help you find or rediscover the best solutions to navigate the new needs of the consumer. We've also worked closely with ISVs to help them better utilize our developer tools so they can enable payments quickly within their own custom applications.

With increased adoption of digital wallets, eCommerce transactions, and contactless payments comes the risk of greater fraud. ePN’s reputation for maintaining the highest level of security standards ensures that business continuity isn’t jeopardized, security isn’t breached, and that your customer’s card data is always protected.

We believe that looking for the silver lining amidst hard times is key to revitalizing certain markets; with every bump in the economy comes a chance for you and your merchants to adapt to the changes and reinvent your business. As an industry, we have the capacity to grow and stay relevant if we continue to correctly anticipate future trends. ePN has been here for 25 years helping merchants transact “anywhere they do business.” We can’t wait to help support you over the next 25!


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