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Overcoming 2021 Supply Chain and Staffing Challenges

December 21, 2021 – From botched takeout orders at favorite cafes, to delays in electronics

and auto deliveries, to scant openings for new enrollees at childcare centers, and more, the

repercussions of supply chain issues and lack of qualified workers to fill jobs are rippling

across the globe, especially at the end of the year. As we look forward to 2022, The Green

Sheet reached out to their Advisory Board members to weigh in on the following questions and provide insight on how payments leaders are addressing issues the industry is facing as 2021 comes to a close. As a long-time member of the Advisory Board, Steve weighed in on the discussion, published in The Green Sheet on December 13th .

1. What did you do in 2021 to attract and retain employees and independent

contractors, and what worked and what didn't?

The key to attracting and retaining quality employees and independent contractors is the

same this year as it's been throughout the last 25 years when eProcessingNetwork

processed its first payment transaction - treat the team with respect and allow them to excel

at the job they do best. Allowing our staff to work remotely during the height of the

pandemic and moving forward helps keep the best on board when life changes take place.

Fostering an employee-centric environment that allows everyone the ability to create and

develop NextGen applications to meet the needs of the industry is key to staying relevant in

the market.

2. What outreach plans do you have for 2022?

Please elaborate In 2021, we have seen a great interest from resellers needing to offer their merchants the payment solutions necessary to attract and retain customers looking for a frictionless experience; solutions that are easy to implement, affordable and fully integrated. This year we launched a webinar series that focuses on a unique market segment each week, where we talk through the solutions, devices and services tailored to that market. The time spent with our seniored Sales Channel Directors has helped re-educate and re-energize our resellers about our full-suite of solutions to help the small- to mid-sized merchant run their business. 2022 will bring even more opportunity to continue educating resellers on the

integrated solutions that ePN offers.

3. What have your merchant customers' main issues been, and how have you been able to help?

After adapting to the particular shopping needs that came out of the pandemic, consumers

are now accustomed to a seamless buying experience for both online and in-store

shopping, with BNPL, BOPIS and curbside pick-up all remaining a part of the merchant's

everyday operational modes. The embrace of contactless payments, digital wallets and

other cardless payment methods for safety reasons has led to consumers feeling much

more comfortable with transacting without plastic in hand. Implementing cash discount

programs really helps our merchants differentiate themselves among their competitors if

they can appeal to the shopper looking to make their dollar stretch a little farther this

holiday season, especially with concerns of supply shortages and inflation.

4. Where do you see the greatest opportunities for new payments professionals,

and how best can the industry match qualified people to those opportunities?

Innovation within the payment ecosystem is key for 2022 and beyond, especially since the

pace of development is accelerating faster than ever before. The changes taking place

within real-time payment systems that are tied to growth of P2P apps, digital currencies and

mobile payments will help drive the technologies offered by eProcessingNetwork and other

gateways. We are certain that our professionals will help lead in the development of

compliant and leading-edge solutions that will meet the expectations of resellers and their



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