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Strengthen Your Fitness Business with Recurring Payment Solutions

How many people make fitness a New Year's resolution? If you said 48%, you’d be correct! For the fitness industry – gyms, personal trainers, boutique gyms, fitness apps, online classes, and equipment distributors – the new year brings new opportunities to grow their business, part of a $30.8 billion industry. The one drawback to resolutions is that most people don’t follow through long-term, and studies show that by mid-February, the drive to get to the gym falls off the radar. Savvy owners know that providing hybrid services – in-person and virtual classes developed to meet the needs of their members – is critical to their success. Another key to running an exceptional business is integrating the right tools and payment technology that eProcessingNetwork provides, tools like our recurring payment solution and card account updater to securely manage subscriptions and memberships.

With ePNRecur, ePN’s recurring transaction processing service, fitness businesses can offer existing and potential clients their services on a subscription or membership basis for better growth and retention. Merchants that sell exercise equipment and merchandise for at-home gyms can quickly expand their business and offer installment payments to help spread the cost out over time. ePNRecur offers custom scheduling options to meet the needs of customer payment preferences and integrates with our robust QuickBooks Solutions for easy accounting management. Coupled with ePNRCAU, our card account updating solution, merchants can ensure they never miss a payment due to outdated/bad card information. 

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