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Secure Supported Point-of-Sale Hardware Solutions for Seamless Payment Acceptance

The Hardware & Building Materials industry has seen major growth and resourcefulness despite the many economic, labor, and supply-chain shortfalls that have rocked this $302 billion industry over the past two years. With an average ticket price of $5000, it’s guaranteed that most customers, both non-commercial and commercial, will prefer to pay by credit card. Whether established or a start-up, having the right Point-of-Sale solution for your online and storefront business will lay the groundwork for secure and supported payment acceptance. For your merchants who still struggle to find the time and technical expertise to convert their unsupported QuickBooks POS desktop solution (and now older versions of QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise) to another provider, eProcessingNetwork is here to help you build a strong foundation for easy-to-integrate and affordable POS processing.   

ePNJPOS, our Point-of-Sale software, is compatible with Windows PCs, Laptops, and 2-in-1 Surface tablets. It efficiently interacts with our cloud-based gateway and connects seamlessly with card readers & compatible hardware accessories, enabling merchants to securely process credit, contactless NFC, PIN debit, signature capture, check, gift card & loyalty, and Level III transactions. ePNJPOS also integrates seamlessly with our inventory solution for centralized inventory tracking, multi-merchant capabilities to control staff access in the POS system, and time tracking functionality which allows the tracking of time and schedules, all of which can be managed from multiple locations. To make your POS solution complete, ePNJPOS automatically uploads files to your QuickBooks accounting software for accurate reporting and business management, helping make your conversion as solid as can be. 

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