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Get Ready for Q1 Sales with ePN’s Omnichannel Solutions

Just when you thought you had a little bit of downtime in retail, there’s Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and Easter (and the Big Game, Mardi Gras, Presidents Day, St. Paddy’s, March Madness…) on the horizon, ready to help you reach your Q1 sales goals. Americans love celebrations, and 2024 is expected to surpass last year’s numbers, with over $50 billion spent just on Valentine’s and Easter alone! Suppose your goal for the new year is to switch to a payment gateway that allows you to seamlessly process all forms of payments securely and from ONE platform. In that case, eProcessingNetwork can help you easily meet your objectives. 

Merchants who implement ePN’s Mobile and JPOS solutions paired with our Premier Verify SCN contactless card reader will make their sales soar in the first part of 2024. The Premier Verify SCN supports MSR, EMV, and NFC/contactless payments such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. With quicker processing capabilities, your merchants can expect to cut transaction times by 50%. ePN merchants who want to provide cash-strapped consumers a little extra love can offer a discounted percentage or dollar amount of the purchase price to customers paying with cash, check, or PIN debit through our Cash Discount Program. The PV SCN is optimal for cash discounts through ePNMobile & ePNJPOS, reducing processing fees. Compatible with ePNPlugin and ePNSecureCard, the PV SCN is genuinely an all-star omnichannel device!

WEBINAR SCHEDULE: The following dates and times for upcoming sales webinars that relate to this weeks topic.

NEXT WEEK: Selling ePNBillPay to the Healthcare Industry


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ePN is ready to help you build your merchant’s roofing business.


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