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Selling ePNBillPay to the Healthcare Industry

As the New Year begins, so does a new season of healthcare insurance plans for many Americans, and the price increase for plans could bring sticker shock to many. Costs for workplace health plans in 2024 are expected to spike over 6%; exactly how much will be paid out of pocket depends on how your employer plans on dealing with the elevated prices. For patients unable to pay an entire bill at the time of service, setting up a payment plan can literally save their life. No matter what type of medical or dental practice you have, offering automated online bill pay solutions through eProcessingNetwork for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses can both improve the patient billing experience and strengthen your customer base. 

With ePNBillPay, merchants can easily manage billing online, generate email invoices, and accept and process payments. ePNBillPay also includes an unpaid reminder feature, and combined with ePNRecur, our robust recurring payment solution and card account updater, merchants can offer installment payments for qualified customers, so they’ll never miss a payment. Seamless integration with QuickBooks helps keep your books balanced and tax reporting up to date. By opening access to those who need it most, automated installment payments allow you to provide the best care possible to patients, and in turn allows you to receive payments quicker and deposit money in the bank faster. And that’s a healthy solution for all involved!

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