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Payment Solutions for the Snow Removal Industry

The snow removal and deicing services industry is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. Factors driving the growth of this $25.6 billion industry include higher-than-average annual snowfall totals and numerous high-accumulation snow events have increased demand for snowplowing, salting, deicing, and other services provided by this industry. Outsourcing snow removal services by businesses, governments, and property owners allows them to mitigate risks, reduce operational costs, and ensure timely and effective snow clearance without the need for investment in equipment and infrastructure. Although it’s vital to have the right equipment to manage your business, without the best payment processing options to accept payments on-the-go or manage commercial customers, your business may get buried below the competition.

You need your payment solutions to be reliable, even when the weather isn’t; eProcessingNetwork can help you from being snowed by other gateways with ePNPFG, our Payment Form Generator solution. With ePNPFG, both residential and commercial snowplowing providers can easily create secure payment form(s) hosted on the ePNSecure Servers, so hosting a website isn’t needed. Each payment form is assigned its unique ePN URL, so if your company wants a specific form created for one-time or recurring payments, they have the flexibility. These URLs can be shared through texts, QR codes, emails, Facebook Business Pages, and printed invoices. ePNPFG integrates seamlessly with our Level III solution to ensure that you can offer your B2B and B2G clients with the lowest interchange rates possible. ePN’s enhanced data processing through our secure payment gateway ensures that all the correct data fields are auto populated, allowing businesses to get paid faster without incurring the extra fees associated with big-ticket totals.

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