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Game Changing Payment Solutions for Youth Spring Sports

The potential for resellers to offer payment processing solutions to Youth Sport organizations can be a game changer! With each passing season, it seems that there is more for parents and families, as well as coaches and administrators, to do to support the over 60 million children that participate in youth sports across the USA. To positively impact participation rates, a key component is making the payment process easy for all families involved; helping to streamline registration and dues, the purchase of uniforms and sports equipment, and other costs. By implementing the simple and easy-to-integrate payment systems from eProcessingNetwork, organizations can hit a home run with processing registration fees and other league payments, quickly and securely.  

ePNMobile, eProcessingNetwork’s robust mobile solution, can provide youth sports teams with a secure and contactless payment solution, allowing them to accept all forms of payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, through their own mobile devices. ePNMobile also features mRDC, so accepting any checks is as easy as taking a photo on your phone! ePNPFG, our payment form generator, is another secure solution for easy payment acceptance. ePNPFG allows seasonal merchants to create secure payment form(s) hosted on the ePNSecure Servers – no website needed! Custom, reusable templates within ePNPFG’s page builder enable users to customize their payment forms for a consistent look and feel for the team, and can be shared via QR code, email, invoice, or via the team’s Facebook Business Page.

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