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Spring Forward with Payment Solutions for your Cleaning Service

11 As people continue to prioritize the cleanliness and comfort of their homes, residential cleaning remains a particularly stable industry during economic downturns, making it a more appealing business opportunity for entrepreneurs. If your small business merchants need to spruce up their payment processing solutions, eProcessingNetwork is here to help with the heavy lifting! 

With ePNBillPay, merchants can easily manage billing online, generate email invoices, and accept and process credit card and ACH payments, and can enable convenience fees for tipping. ePNBillPay also includes an unpaid reminder feature, and combined with the Customer Database Manager and ePNRecur, our robust subscription-based solution, merchants can store data in a centralized portal and offer installment payments for qualified customers, so they’ll never miss a payment. And ePNBillPay is integrated with QuickBooks to make the accounting process even easier and ensure the dirty details don’t get swept under the proverbial rug! 

WEBINAR SCHEDULE: The following dates and times for upcoming sales webinars that relate to this weeks topic.

NEXT WEEK: Secure Payment Solutions for the Rental & Catering Industries


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ePN is ready to help you build your merchant’s roofing business.


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