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Where the Rubber Meets the Road for Recurring Payments

The official start of winter is this week; for most Americans, it signals the need to prepare for the cold winter months. Part of that preparation includes winterizing their automobiles, making sure that their vehicles are safely able to withstand the elements. Tire safety plays a key role in that process, and for tire stores and automotive repair stores that sell tires, the winter months are a prime time to drive sales and build customer loyalty.  According to industry statistics, one of every four customers coming in for maintenance will need to replace their tires. Now is the perfect time to ensure shop owners provide a seamless payment process to drive customer satisfaction and subsequent loyalty to your store! 

At eProcessingNetwork, we understand that shop owners require a solution that does more than process payments; they desire an integrated solution that drives customer loyalty and business growth. We offer recurring solutions to help tire and repair shops of all sizes offer easy and affordable financing to their customers. ePN offers ePNRecur, our robust subscription-based solution that allows tire and repair shops to provide easy and affordable financing to customers looking to purchase large ticket items like tires. Coupled with our automated Card Account Update feature, shop owners will never have to worry about card declines and payment delays due to bad card data. Our Customer Data Manager, QuickBooks, and Bill Pay solutions help increase customer loyalty and work in tandem with ePNRecur to help streamline operations and create efficiencies, helping store owners accelerate toward success. 

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ePN is ready to help you build your merchant’s roofing business.


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