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Expedite Trucking PaymentProcessing with ePNPFG

We all know how vital the trucking industry is to the well-being of the US economy, but did you know that it transports more than 72% of the nation’s freight? To keep this massive industry moving, especially during the busiest time of the year, transportation companies need to be able to process payments swiftly and efficiently, moving away from outdated, manual payment processes. Automating the accounts payable process payments to accelerate transactions and ensure a swift and seamless flow of business operations is critical, especially during the biggest holiday season. eProcessingNetwork has hosted payment page functionality to help keep the wheels in motion for transportation companies.

ePN covers your secure payment processing needs with ePNPFG, our Payment Form Generator solution. With ePNPFG, non-profits can easily create secure payment form(s) hosted on the ePNSecure Servers, so hosting a website isn’t needed. Each payment form is assigned its unique ePN URL, so if your organization wants a specific form created for accounts payables, they have the flexibility. These URLs can be shared through printed invoices, QuickBook Invoices, texts, QR codes, and emails.

Custom, reusable templates within ePNPFG’s page builder allow businesses to customize their payment forms in real time for a consistent look and feel for the end user. With the support of multiple payment methods – credit, debit, text-2-pay, scan-to-pay, and ACH – transportation companies can expect a secure and seamless experience, helping truckers get paid faster and improving your company’s cash flow. Follow your roadmap to success with ePNPFG!

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