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ePN’s Inventory Management Tools: Successfully Manage Inventory for Your SMB

Inventory management for retailers large and small can be challenging in the best of times, but with the disruption of the supply chain over the past year extending through this holiday season, inventory challenges aren’t only disruptive they can hurt the bottom line. A recent survey conducted shows that 74% of SMBs plan on implementing real-time inventory technology in 2021, especially now that online sales are even more crucial during the various pandemic surges. For retailers with a single location that also sells online, over 65% of the revenue comes from online sales, making the task of managing stock levels even more critical to minimize “out of stock” notifications. For SMBs looking to implement an affordable but robust inventory management solution, they need look no further than eProcessingNetwork (ePN). With ePNInventory, merchants can manage their inventory levels in real-time, receive automated low stock alerts and track product sales through their existing ePN Secure Payment Gateway account. Cost effective, easy to integrate and reliable, ePNInventory is the ideal solutions for SMBs who need an automated, real-time inventory management system, but don’t have the funds, time, or technical resources to build their own solution. Real-time reporting and notifications help track sales and seasonal trends accurately, reducing the out-of-stock situations that can hinder a successful holiday sales season.


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