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Farmers’ Market Management Made Easy with ePN’s Payment Form Generator

It’s widely believed that Farmers’ Markets help to build stronger, healthier communities. Over the decades, the number of markets in the United States has grown to 8,720 with an estimated annual sale of about $1 billion. Most farmers' markets are operated on a seasonal basis, but many markets, particularly those in the sunbelt states, operate year-round. A farmers' market allows growers the opportunity to market directly to consumers without dealing with a food broker, but margins can still be slim for the merchant. While accepting cash is the simplest and most familiar payment form, calculating money can be time-consuming and confusing during busy periods, and can cause lost sales in the long run. Having a simple and easy to integrate Point-Of-Sale system used on your own phone or tablet is critical for any merchant looking to increase sales and build customer loyalty.

eProcessingNetwork offers our new online payment system ePNPFG (Payment Form Generator) for your Farmers’ Market merchant. ePN's new payment system allows merchants to create secure payment form(s) that are hosted on the ePNSecure Servers – no website, no worries! Each payment form is assigned its own unique ePN URL which can be shared through texts, QR codes, emails, Facebook Business Pages, and printed invoices – making payment acceptance at the booth fast and easy.

Custom, reusable templates within ePNPFG’s page builder allow merchants the ability to customize their payment forms, for a consistent look and feel for the end-user. ePN collects the credit card and ACH information on our servers so merchants can feel confident knowing their transactions are safe, secure, and PCI-compliant. Combined with the support of multiple payment methods – credit, debit, text-2-pay, and ACH – consumers can expect a secure and seamless experience, helping reduce the likelihood of cart abandonment. Build the form you need in minutes, integrate with your business apps, and collect online payments seamlessly – it’s that easy with ePNPFG!

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