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Help your merchant’s home service businesses grow with ePN’s integrated payment solutions

Demand for Home Service Contractors has been strong since the start of the pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down. Predicted to reach an estimated 1.13 trillion in the next 5 years, home service businesses are poised for profitability. Even with the disruption to the global supply chain and shortages of materials, contractors who embrace digitization of their payment processing and back-office operations, will find increasing value to joining the connected economy. And even though the home services market has been slow to adopt technology, they will see that embracing an integrated payment solution doesn’t mean that they aren’t able to accept their “tried and true” check and cash payments. Home Service businesses that move into the modern world by implementing an integrated solution from eProcessingNetwork can expect to see their efficiencies grow by eliminating paper processes and automating their day-to-day operations. With ePNBillPay, our online bill payment solution, businesses can manage their accounts receivables online, without having to worry about purchasing additional accounting software. By automating the accounting process, service professionals can get their payments faster, easily follow up on unpaid bills, and have all their information upload automatically into our integrated QuickBooks® solutions. And for the business that still relies on cash payments, they can implement ePN’s Cash Discount Solutions, which can help them offer cash discounts off the purchase price to customers who want to pay with cash, check or PIN Debit.


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