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Scare up Secure Payment Solutions for Halloween Retailers

ePN Contactless Payment Processing

The “Ber” Months – September, October, November, and December – have just begun, but for Halloween shoppers, 45% of them have already started their holiday shopping for décor and costumes. Halloween ranks second in popularity only to Christmas, and for both holidays, retailers and eTailers are stocking seasonal merchandise earlier each year to meet consumer demands. According to data, Americans spent $10.6 billion in total for Halloween 2022, over $3 billion on candy alone, and those numbers are projected to increase this year. For merchants looking to maximize sales, eProcessingNetwork offers secure payment solutions to help them scare up a successful Halloween season.

Join eProcessingNetwork all week as we highlight the features and benefits of our in-store, online, and on-the-go retail solutions, ePNJPOS, ePNPFG, and ePNMobile to help make contact and contactless transactions quick and easy. To help offset inflationary costs, ePN’s Cash Discount Program lets merchants offer a discounted percentage or dollar amount off the purchase price for customers who pay with cash, check, or PIN Debit. Easy integration with our secure, cloud-based gateway means your merchants can spend more time meeting the needs of their little ghouls and goblins and less time frightened of merchant fraud.

PFG Is FREE through September!

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ePN is ready to help you build your merchant’s roofing business.


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