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Integrated Payment Solutions to Support Labor Day Sales

ePN Contactless Payment Processing
Integrated Payment Solutions

While many Americans regard Labor Day as the unofficial end to summer or the reason for a three-day weekend, the holiday is meant to symbolize and pay tribute to the American workforce. And while many have the holiday off, others, especially retail merchants, see the weekend as an opportunity to promote their holiday sales to the over 64% of shoppers looking to score deals on summer goods that are going out of season, as well as discounted back-to-school items. In turn, you and your merchants can take the time to “shop” for an integrated payment solution that’s not only affordable but easy to implement. eProcessingNetwork is on board in helping you meet the demands of the contactless and omnichannel customer this season and get you ready for the major holidays coming around the corner.

Integrated with ePN’s cloud-based payment gateway are ePNJPOS and ePNMobile, our retail and mobile payment solutions, which coupled with our secure, contactless devices can help any merchant process in-store, online, or on-the-go. With ePNPFG, ePN’s hosted payment pages, merchants can create secure payment forms hosted on the ePNSecure servers – no website needed and NO cancellation fees. And to help soften the blow of rising costs on goods and services, merchants can implement ePN’s Cash Discount Program, allowing merchants to reduce convenience fees for cash, debit, or ACH transactions; as well as ePNRecur, our recurring solution that offers a pay-over-time option for big ticket purchases like electronics, appliances, or furniture.

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