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Year-End Strategies Made Simple with ePN’s QuickBooks Solutions

Year-end is a hectic time for every small business merchant, especially with the rush of the fall and winter holidays. Merchants know they must close their books at the end of the year, but scrambling to accomplish such a task during the holiday season can be a potential recipe for errors. With so many things to juggle, isn’t it reassuring to use an automated accounting software service like QuickBooks that seamlessly integrates with your payment solutions? And isn’t it even more comforting to know that eProcessingNetwork offers integration to QuickBooks solutions, both online and desktop, to make the accounting and reconciliation process as seamless and secure as possible?

Regarding automated synchronization, ePN’s QuickBooks solutions – ePNQBSolutions, ePNPlugin and ePNSync Online –are the perfect match for your merchants. Through our integrated cloud-based solutions, merchants can expand their payment acceptance. From email invoicing with added features like tips or convenience fees to adding a shopping cart for eCommerce capabilities and contactless acceptance through our universal devices, QuickBooks integration helps you streamline your business AND increase real-time payment acceptance. For easy invoicing, ePNPFG, our payment form generator allows you to create a custom payment link that can be sent to customers via a QuickBooks email or QR code, ensuring faster payments. Plus, based on your needs, our QuickBooks solutions easily integrate with ePNRecur, ePNBillPay and ePNLevel III, increasing your capabilities without increasing costs. Because with all you’re doing to run a successful business, reconciling your end of year reporting shouldn’t bring a damper to the holidays.

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