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Enhanced Data Processing withePN's LEVEL III Solutions

With the explosion of e-commerce and Mobile commerce usage over the years, small business merchants have been pressed to embrace a multichannel strategy to meet the needs of a growing customer base who prefer to shop from in-store, online, and remote channels. B2B and B2G customers are no different; they expect to be able to purchase from multiple channels as well. B2B merchants understand the need to deliver a more polished B2C-like experience for clients, including having the right systems to facilitate Level III transactions quickly. That's where automatic Level III processing from eProcessingNetwork makes all the difference.

ePN’s Level III enhanced data processing through one single gateway ensures that all the correct data fields are auto-populated so that merchants benefit from the lowest interchange rates possible – allowing merchants to get paid faster without incurring the extra fees associated with big-ticket totals. Level III is bundled with ePNCDM, our centralized customer database manager, to ensure that sensitive, high-profile data is stored and accessible through our card-on-file capabilities. Easy integration with our recurring solution ePNRecur, ePN’s Payment Form Generator, and QuickBooks means merchants can quickly facilitate repeat Level III purchases and track sales, helping increase profit margins and build customer loyalty.

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