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Offer Text-2-Pay Services to Your Home Service Professionals

The “Home Service Professional” market is fixing to grow! According to recent research, the industry of home and commercial repair experts is forecast to reach $1.65 billion in the next 10 years. Key factors for industry growth include the upswing of residential and commercial development, home repair needs during the pandemic, and the reclassification of new types of repairs – home and office appliance repair, computer system maintenance, and power maintenance – added to the industry sector. Even though home service professionals are considered a “Jack of all trades”, they have a lot to balance in their workload and don’t have the time to be tied down to tasks like invoicing, estimating, and payment processing. Home Service Professionals who embrace digitization of their payment processing and back-office operations will find increasing value to joining the connected economy.

eProcessingNetwork, is thrilled to announce our new online payment system ePNPFG (Payment Form Generator.) for your Home Service Professionals. ePN's new payment system allows professionals to create secure payment form(s) that are hosted on the ePNSecure Servers – no website, no worries! Each payment form is assigned its own unique ePN URL, so if your business professional wants to have a specific form to pay an outstanding invoice or order, they have the flexibility. These URLs can be shared through texts, QR codes, emails, Facebook Business Pages, and printed invoices.

Custom, reusable templates within ePNPFG’s page builder allow business professionals to customize their payment forms, for a consistent look and feel for the end-user. ePN collects the credit card and ACH information on our servers so owners can feel confident knowing their transactions are safe, secure, and PCI-compliant. Combined with the support of multiple payment methods – credit, debit, text-2-pay, and ACH – consumers can expect a secure and seamless experience, helping reduce the likelihood of cart abandonment. Build the form you need in minutes, integrate with your business apps, and collect online payments seamlessly – it’s that easy with ePNPFG!

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