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Planning the Perfect Payment Solutions for Party and Event Rentals

For party and event rental operators, the past two years have been filled with their share of ups and downs throughout the pandemic, but as they know, flexibility and creativity are the key to staying afloat in this $4.8 Billion industry. With holiday planning in full-swing, and with the market size of the Party Supply Rental industry expected to increase 15.1% in 2021, business owners need to focus on delivering unforgettable experiences for their clients, and not worrying about back-office functionality.

Implementing a cost-effective, but robust system that allows the merchant to track inventory and manage customer information is essential to being responsive to the last-minute banquet and event orders being placed as large group restrictions become more relaxed. During our holiday series, eProcessingNetwork will walk through the details on integrating the right solutions to keep event companies operating effectively. With ePNJPOS and the Web Order Form Generator, owners can quickly create simple and secure eCommerce pages, and manage their transactions from their own desktop or laptop. Integrated with ePNInventory, event planners can better manage their inventory to ensure they have the supplies/rentals in stock when needed. With ePN’s cloud-based centralized database portal, ePNCDM, you can securely store and manage client data and payment methods for easy one-time, or installment payments with ePNRecur. All tie with our automated QuickBooks tools for seamless downloading into their accounting system.


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