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Quick and Easy BOPIS Solutions for any Successful Season

For the second holiday season, more consumers are expected to opt for shipping or buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) to help check off items on their shopping list; about 48% stated that they’ll do 75% of their shopping online. With over 65% of consumers using retailers’ apps and websites to make the purchase prior to an in-person pick up, it’s apparent how important having a strong cross-channel solution is for the small- to mid-sized merchant, long past the holiday season.

For merchants looking for easy-to-implement, affordable but robust payment processing, eProcessingNetwork has the online and app-based mobile solutions that can seamlessly bridge the online and physical worlds of holiday shopping. With ePNJPOS, our robust retail solution, and ePN’s Web Order Form Generator, merchants can quickly create a simple eCommerce presence, and accept all forms of payments via their own PC, laptop, or tablet. Both retail solutions, as well as with ePNMobile, integrate seamlessly with ePNSyncOnline, part of our QuickBooks suite to help track inventory levels and sales totals, vital for this season when the point of fulfillment via curbside pickup, delivery, or BOPIS is critical for maintaining strong customer relationships.


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