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Recurring Payment Solutions Make Auto Financing More Profitable

The number of businesses in the Used Car Dealers Industry in the US has grown 2.9% per year on average over the last 5 years. With increased vehicle production and new vehicle sales improving over the last six months, used vehicle inventory has stabilized, leading to less volatility in price movements through year-end, despite pressures on the economy and consumers’ wallets. Savvy resellers who cater to independent dealerships, big and small, know that eProcessingNetwork can help them offer easy and affordable auto financing with our recurring and account updater solutions and better connect and communicate with customers through ePN’s customer data manager.

ePN offers ePNRecur, our robust subscription-based solution that allows buyers to make installment payments for purchasing their car without impacting their credit card balance or being charged high-interest rates. Coupled with our automated Card Account Update feature, dealers will never have to worry about card declines and payment delays due to insufficient card data. Our Customer Data Manager solution helps increase customer loyalty and works in tandem with ePNRecur so that dealers can keep track of customer preferences and payment information. Our integrated solutions help to streamline operations and create efficiencies, allowing auto dealers to increase their bottom line, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition.

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