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Seasonal Merchants Popping Up with Best-In-Class Contactless Solutions

With the holidays fast approaching, retailers in the form of seasonal merchants are gearing up for a holiday to remember. As vaccination rates rise and consumers are more comfortable being outside of the home, merchants are likely to see increased traffic out and about, and that translates to more spending, especially locally. Whether you manage a pop-up store at a mall, or rent space at a holiday boutique, retail merchants who adapt to shifting consumer behaviors and offer convenient options for online and in-person shopping, as well as order fulfillment, will be poised for growth this holiday season, and into the new year.

This week during our Holiday Season Webinar Series, ePN will discuss how ePNMobile, our mobile solution, can provide seasonal merchants with a secure and contactless payment solution, allowing them to accept all forms of payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, through their mobile devices. ePNMobile integrates seamlessly with ePNPlugin and ePNSyncOnline, to help track inventory levels and sales totals in real time, making BNPL a breeze. For the holiday merchant moving from boutique to booth, ePNTexting is an affordable and easy way to let loyal customers know where to find you all season long.


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