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Spring Forward with Recurring Payments for Your Cleaning Business Owners

Spring is just around the corner, and although some regions in the US don’t experience dramatic shifts in temperature from winter to spring, all Americans are incentivized to declutter and “spring clean” their homes in anticipation of the new season. And that includes hiring a reputable cleaning service to help with a one-time deep cleaning or scheduled maintenance for recurring appointments. The cleaning industry is growing 20% year over year, according to current cleaning industry trends. Demand for services is growing, too, with 80% of households expected to use cleaning services by 2024. The commercial cleaning industry is also growing; forecast to reach $468B in revenue over the next four years, a 51.67% increase from 2020. In either case, it’s easy to see why many entrepreneurs are incented to try their hand at owning a cleaning service, independently or as a franchisee.

Business owners and franchisees who implement subscription services through recurring payment solutions offered by eProcessingNetwork are poised for profitability without doing any of the heavy lifting. With ePNRecur, ePN’s recurring transaction processing service, cleaning businesses can offer existing and potential clients their services on a subscription basis for better growth and retention, and faster and more secure payment reconciliation. ePNRecur offers custom scheduling options to meet the needs of customer payment preferences and integrates with our robust QuickBooks Solutions for easy accounting management. Coupled with ePNRCAU, our card account updating solution, business owners can ensure that they never miss a payment due to outdated/bad card information.

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