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eProcessingNetwork, LLC (ePN) certification by Worldpay

eProcessingNetwork, LLC (ePN), is pleased to announce its certification by Worldpay, a division of FIS, to accept and process NFC, EMV, PIN Debit, Restaurant, and eCommerce transactions through Worldpay’s processing platform. As leaders in the Electronic Payment Processing Industry, ePN and Worldpay have partnered to offer the small- to mid-sized merchant true end-to-end, secure, and PCI-compliant payment processing. Worldpay merchants can utilize the right tools both in-store and on-the-go that will help to make contact and contactless payment acceptance of of all major card brands, as well as JCB®, UnionPay®, GooglePay®, and ApplePay®, to be faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

In a continued partnership with BBPOS, ePN offers resellers the Chipper 2XBT branded as the PremierVerify SCN, available for same day drop shipment directly to the merchant. The PermierVerify SC (Chipper BT) is still supported, and both are compatible with the Worldpay platform. Supporting MSR, EMV-chip, and NFC/contactless payments, the PremierVerify SCN allows merchants to process tap’n’go payments easily and affordably, helps improve transaction speed at the point of sale, and works well with ePN’s cash discount solutions.


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